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Build, Manage, and Protect Network Infrastructure

Guilford Technologies offers network infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our leverage is our affordable packages coupled with excellent customer service. One of our objectives is to help as many enterprises with our services, and we want you to reap the maximum benefits of working with us. Let’s work together to find the right enterprise networking solutions for your needs.
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Choose From Our Network Infrastructure Solutions

Your network infrastructure is critical for your operations. Without it, your company may face poor user experience and even security issues that can affect your team’s productivity. This is where a good network services company can help you. You can check out our offering below:
It Support For Business | Guilford Technology


We help in the process of identifying a path for traffic in a network or between multiple networks. This ensures that all tasks running within the network will flow smoothly.

Infrastructure Managed Services | Guilford Technology


We’re all about efficiency and our switches guarantee fast-in network communication. Network switches are now found in network infrastructures of businesses of different sizes.

Infrastructure Management Services | Guilford Technology


An SD-WAN or software-defined wide area network is a virtual WAN architecture that connects and extends networks over longer distances. This helps companies efficiently manage applications, specifically in the cloud.

Managed Infrastructure Services | Guilford Technology


Wireless networks are faster and cheaper to install than wired networks as it doesn’t require any cabling. It also offers flexibility to your employees, which has statistically proven to increase productivity.

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We’ll Set Up The Server For Your Business

Still having second thoughts if investing in server solutions is good for your business? Here are the advantages you can get from hiring our services.

  • ✓ We help protect business data by having a security-enhanced infrastructure through built-in firewall protection and remote backup systems.

  • ✓ We ensure optimal network health by updating your devices as necessary.

  • ✓ We prevent data loss and make data recovery quick and easy.

  • ✓ We allow you to conveniently manage all business information.


Benefits Of Our Enterprise Networking Solutions

Investing in enterprise networking solutions poses a lot of advantages. With Guilford Technologies, we guarantee that you’d get each benefit to help your business reach its maximum potential.
It Services Solutions | Guilford Technology
Managed It Security Services | Guilford Technology


With our strong network infrastructure solutions, your company will be able to experience less disruption that might affect the bottom line. We will ensure that our solutions will fit your needs.

It Servicing | Guilford Technology
I.t. Consulting | Guilford Technology


We understand that your business should be up and running most of the time. A faulty network hinders your team from being effective and we can help you avoid such.

It Infrastructure | Guilford Technology
Managed It Services Company | Guilford Technology


With an excellent network infrastructure, we can assist your team members to stay connected wherever they are. This now has a high demand considering the work-from-home and hybrid setup most offices offer today.

It Solutions Services | Guilford Technology
It Managed Services Companies | Guilford Technology


We believe that your company will grow and we want your network infrastructure to support your requirements when the needs arise. With our solutions, you do not have to redesign your network.

It Solutions &Amp; Services | Guilford Technology
It Infrastructure Consulting | Guilford Technology


Your security must be your utmost priority, and we are here to help you achieve that. You don’t have to worry about malware, viruses, and spam, and you can guarantee that your data will be safe and secure.

Professional It Services | Guilford Technology
Small Business It Services | Guilford Technology

Technical Support

Our package includes technical support, which means you do not have to worry if something in your network goes wrong. We also offer intelligent software that can assess your network performance and provide solutions even before a problem starts.


How To Find The Right Server Solution

If you don’t know where to start, leave it up to us. We’ll help you determine the tasks where you can take advantage of our server packages. We’ll ask you the following before providing our recommendations.

  • ✓ What are the specific applications that you will run from the server?

  • ✓ How many employees or staff will use the application at a time?

  • ✓ Are you seeing significant growth in the number of people that will use the applications in the future?

Still having second thoughts if investing in server solutions is good for your business? Here are the advantages you can get from hiring our services.
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How Guilford Technologies Manages Our Enterprise Networking Solutions

As networking infrastructure is a complex task, we also provide the following management services to ensure that the solution optimally works for your needs.
Information Technology Infrastructure | Guilford Technology


We constantly monitor and report problems right away. A common problem is when a router receives more traffic than it should, affecting network availability, and this should be solved right away.

Infrastructure Solutions | Guilford Technology

Fault Management

We determine the root causes of the problem to avoid it from recurring. We do not believe in band-aid solutions as we want a permanent fix.

Business It Services | Guilford Technology

Performance Management

We analyze a network and check if it fits your business needs. Network capacity, latency, and bandwidth utilization are some of the aspects we look into.

It Business Solutions | Guilford Technology


Understanding that devices upgrade fast, we also check if the devices are configured using the best practices.

It Infrastructure Consulting | Guilford Technology

Security Management

We want to ensure that your network is free from viruses and we block attempts to gain unauthorized access.

It Service Management System | Guilford Technology

Let’s Work Together

We believe we can serve you. Contact us now and let’s work together to improve your business processes.


Let’s Talk About Your Server Requirements
Our server solutions can help you host several business functions, from websites, business apps, files, data storage and backup, email, ecommerce, and database.

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Reach out to us and find a customized solution for your IT network.