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Guilford Technologies is one of the most trusted computer monitoring companies that can ensure that your company devices and network are working properly. Our experience in the field and unparalleled customer service have earned us a loyal pool of clients.


Secure Assets and Prevent Breaches

We help you overcome data threats that may affect your operational agility. With Guildford’s security technology, we can help you monitor your network and manage any incident response. Find out which data security service is right for your business:
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Network Access Control

We restrict unauthorized users and devices from gaining access to your private or corporate network through network admission control. This security solution reduces risks on network visibility.

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Network Security Monitoring

With a network security monitoring process in place, you can track network devices and traffic for security threats, vulnerabilities, and suspicious activities so you can respond to breaches quickly.

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Log Monitoring

We simplify log monitoring for you so you can easily absorb, analyze, and archive the logs from your environment. This is beneficial for audits, historical analysis, and when troubleshooting.

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Endpoint Protection

Our endpoint monitoring solution allows you to continuously track, control, and visualize all endpoints on a network, including CPU, memory usage, WiFi signal, and other performance changes.


Advantages of Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is an IT software where managed service providers can monitor devices and offer network and endpoint protection. Having an RMM system for your business is a great asset for the following reasons.
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Protects Your Network

At the height of the pandemic, many businesses allowed their employees to work remotely from home. Since they are not on the same premises, there is a stronger need to monitor the network’s security.

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Real-Time Monitoring

A good network security monitoring system can detect potential problems so you can respond to network events such as failures, faults, performance, slow systems, and other issues that cause network downtime.

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Alerts Management

Get real time notifications on current vulnerabilities, exploits, and other security issues so your network administrators and engineers can work on the root cause before problems get worse.

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Monitoring System Software

Using a monitoring system software, you can skip the tedious task of manually maintaining your devices. In most cases, employees will just turn off the notification until it’s too late. But with an excellent monitoring system that we offer at Guilford Technologies, your IT experts will have more free time on their hands, and can focus on more important job roles.

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IT Automation

We streamline network security automation by using technology that programmatically executes security tasks. We can use this to manage high volume detection, investigation, and mitigation of low-complexity threats.

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Provides Reports and Analytics

Another benefit of network monitoring systems is that you can get reports and analytics to drive big decisions from. You can either schedule or obtain these reports on demand. Analysis of data gather help If you want the best computer monitoring software, our team at Guilford Technologies can help you. Call us today and we’ll assist with your needs.

Which Industries Can Take Advantage of Network Security Monitoring?

Most industries can benefit from network security monitoring. Data is now considered a gold mine and you must protect it at all times. With the cases of identity theft and data breach, no company should even be complacent. Below are some of the industries we serve with remote system monitoring.



Banking and Financial Institutions

Law Firms




Investment & Asset Management Firms


We Help You Address Common Issues Faced by Businesses Without Remote System Monitoring

Remote system monitoring is critical for any enterprise. Not investing in this can cost you more in the future. Below are a few things that you might encounter if there is no system monitoring in place.

Misconfigured Devices

If one of your devices is misconfigured, it can place your company’s security in jeopardy. Attackers can easily access the device, and it could lead to leaked information. However, when you have a system that monitors your devices and network, you can easily identify improper configuration and take action before something critical happens.

Logs From Outside Users

Log monitoring is also important for businesses as this can also pose a threat to your company. If there are suspicious logins, your team must be alerted right away to put a stop on it. This also gives you the power to have a closer look at your privileged users and their activities.


What to Look for in a Software
for Server Monitoring

Not all software for server monitoring is created equal. Thus, you must understand the criteria for choosing the right one for your business. Better yet, consult experts to ensure that the system can handle your requirements. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • ✓ Is it according to our company’s budget?
  • ✓ How many users can the system support?
  • ✓ What are the security features it can offer to the business?
  • ✓ Can we customize the system based on our needs?
  • ✓ Is it compatible with our current devices?

At Guilford Technologies, we can talk to your IT experts so we can provide the right solutions.
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How to Ensure That Your Network is Protected

As hackers are getting more sophisticated and advanced, you must be proactive in ensuring that your devices and network are safe. Here are a few things you should consider.

Evaluate the risks and conduct penetration tests

Carefully assess the devices that need constant audits

Know the frequency of auditing

The best way to protect your network is to hire experts to do the hard work for you. Take a load off your shoulder and work with a trusted team like Guilford Technologies.

Update Your Network Monitoring Systems Today
With an outsourced network monitoring systems service, your in-house team will have increased productivity. At Guilford Technologies, we have years of experience in the field, and we only use the most advanced network security monitoring system for our clients.

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