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We Offer Affordable Packages And Excellent Customer Service

Guilford Technologies offers servers for businesses of all sizes. What sets us apart is our budget-friendly packages and outstanding customer service. We want to help as many enterprises as possible with our up-to-date data center solutions. Let’s work together to find the right server application for your needs.

Best Server Solutions for Small Businesses

As your business grows, you’ll need a server solution that can streamline and secure processes and prioritize data. At Guilford, we offer the following server solutions for small businesses.
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An ideal solution if you want a physical device or computer program that allows your office computers to access network information, programs, and services. Our flexible, reliable, and high-performance server is a must-have for all businesses.

It Service Management System | Guilford Technology

Server Application

An app server is a program that handles all the application operations between the organization’s backend database and its users. With this tool, we can help you run web applications seamlessly.

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Storage Arrays

Also called a disk array, storage array is a data storage system used for file-based storage and block-based storage. This enables companies to easily and efficiently scale storage capacity when the needs arise.

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Physical Backup

Having a comprehensive and scalable physical backup ensures that your premises are highly secure and guarded. It’s a vital data recovery solution which can be integrated into your cloud storage.


We’ll Set Up The Server For Your Business

Protect Your Business Data

We help protect business data by having a security-enhanced infrastructure through built-in firewall protection and remote backup systems.

Optimal Network Health
We ensure optimal network health by updating your devices as necessary.
Prevent Data Loss
We prevent data loss and make data recovery quick and easy.
Manage Your Business Information
We allow you to conveniently manage all business information.


The Best Server Provider

Today, there are many IT businesses and remote server backup companies to choose from. Understandably, it can get overwhelming to select the best server provider for your company. Look no further. At Guilford Technologies, we guarantee top-notched server solutions. Here’s why we’ve earned the trust of many clients over the years.

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Years of Experience

With years of experience in the industry, our team is able to service different businesses in various industries. This is our advantage as we already understand what works best for a specific niche. While we will listen to your requirements, we are also proactive in sharing our expert insights.

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It Service Management System | Guilford Technology

Affordable Server Packages

Our server solutions are reasonably packaged. We believe that having high-quality servers do not have to affect your cash flow. One of our goals is to see the businesses grow with our solutions. Talk to our experts for customized services specific to your needs.

It Service Mangement | Guilford Technology
It Service Management Systems | Guilford Technology

Excellent Customer Service

At Guilford Technologies, we show impeccable customer service. From the day you set a meeting with us and even after we’ve provided our services, you will feel the warmth and empathy of our representatives. We believe that while we offer technical services, our interaction with the clients also play a big role in the success of our business.


How To Find The Right Server Solution

If you don’t know where to start, leave it up to us. We’ll help you determine the tasks where you can take advantage of our server packages. We’ll ask you the following before providing our recommendations.

  • ✓ What are the specific applications that you will run from the server?

  • ✓ How many employees or staff will use the application at a time?

  • ✓ Are you seeing significant growth in the number of people that will use the applications in the future?

Still having second thoughts if investing in server solutions is good for your business? Here are the advantages you can get from hiring our services.
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Guilford Technologies Will Help You Take Care Of Your Server

As servers are quite an investment, our professional team will help you maintain your equipment to make it last longer. Here’s how we do it.

We Choose the Best Location for Your Server

When installing your onsite servers, we look for a location with less foot traffic and tripping hazards. Additionally, we place your servers in an area where you can easily scale it in case you need to put more servers.

We Recommend the Right Temperature

Servers are designed to work at their highest capacity and the best conditions are needed to ensure its efficiency. We suggest not relying on your building’s cooling facility. Instead, have a backup solution that can keep the servers’ temperature down in case of a power outage.

We Keep the Wirings Arranged

The number of wirings in a server can be overwhelming, but you can leave that to us. We’ll help you keep the wiring organized to make it easier for future upgrades.


Let’s Talk About Your Server Requirements
Our server solutions can help you host several business functions, from websites, business apps, files, data storage and backup, email, ecommerce, and database.

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Contact us today and find the best server solution for your business.